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String Quartet No 3


Recorded at the Centre For Musical Arts, Dubai, UAE (April 13, 2017)

Lorelei String Quartet:

Natalia Vaskinova & Jennie Lee Foster (violins), Francesca Lett (viola), Angharad Maxwell (violoncello)

  1.   Allegro
  2.   Andantino
  3.   Quasi un minuetto
  4.   Poco Moderato – Presto – Poco Moderato

Performance at XVA Gallery, Dubai

I think of the Islands (and I sigh) for Harp and Flute was recently performed at the opening of an exhibition by the American artist Colleen Quigley at the XVA Gallery in the heart of the Al Fahidi Historical Area in Dubai, UAE. The intimate performance setting, the courtyard of an old traditional style Emirati house, coupled with the beautiful artworks enhanced the listening experience:


Performers:  Lidia Stankulova (harp) and Malena Avila (flute)

A Folding Screen

A Folding Screen is a collection of songs for Soprano, Clarinet and Pianoforte based on ancient Chinese poems. The structure of the piece is such that each performer has a solo, a duo with each of the others and three pieces for the whole ensemble. There are nine movements:

1. A Morning Time (Soprano, Clarinet, Pianoforte) – Liu K’o Chuang
2. Night Thoughts (Soprano, Pianoforte) – Li Bai
3. Kuan Ch’u (Clarinet)
4. Folding Screen I (Pianoforte)
5. Winter Nights (Soprano, Clarinet, Pianoforte) – Chien Wen-Ti
6. A Flower (Soprano) – Po Chu I
7. Folding Screen II (Clarinet, Pianoforte)
8. Dank Mist, Desolation (Soprano, Clarinet)
9. In the Empty Mountains (Soprano, Clarinet, Pianoforte)

In the performance recorded here, the soprano is Joanne Brown, the clarinettist, Andrea Gould, and the pianist, Naila Maharramova. It was recorded live at The Fridge, Al Quoz, Dubai 17/03/2014

So ito a Sperana

So ito a Sperana was written as a memorial to my father-in-law who passed away in 2002 after a long illness. Asperano (in dialect “Sperana” is the area where he had an olive grove that he owned. After his retirement, he would visit and tend his land daily for as long as he had his sight.

Structured in three slow sections the music is slow and contemplative. The opening section quotes a passage from a piano piece Bela Bartok, while central section uses a traditional song from the Monti Lepini, “Tira vento”.



Written in conjunction with the choreographer Vivian Rojas Response uses two pieces Above the Canopy (from my CD Rainforest) and Six-Four-Two, written for this performance.

In this recording, the dancers are Vivian Rojas and Anne Cabanel, the Violinists, Emma Stansfield and Rachel Barton.

The recording was made at The Fridge, Dubai, November 2010

Of the dance, Vivian writes: Response is a contemporary dance piece that works with words such as giving, receiving, suggesting and reacting. When sharing that experience, the relationship between two dancing bodies inspired by two energetic violins, gives as a result a symphonic variety of possibilities on the stage.