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Concert at Centre for Musical Arts

On Thursday 13th April, 2017, the Centre for Musical Arts in Dubai hosted a concert of my music performed by musicians living and working in Dubai. Pieces included:

Carry her over the water – performed by Jubilate (director Jennie Lee-Foster)

Dorian – for violin and pianoforte – Crosby Barrett (violin), Magdalena Wajdzik (pianoforte)

Some become stars – for eight violas (Francesca Knowles, Stephanie Duarte, Imogen Lillywhite, Calum Mciver, Hannah Mason, Jennie Lee Foster, Crosby Barrett, Natalie Oughourlian)

Vox – for piano and string quartet, Lorelei Quartet (Natalia Vaskinova, Jennie Lee-Foster, Francesca Knowles, Angharad Maxwell) and Sophie Griggs (pianoforte)

Moving On – for pianoforte (Magdalena Wojdzik)

The infusion of impossible things – for flute, piano and string trio – Tala Badri (flute), Mariola Sokolowska (pianoforte), Anne Mouslmani (violin), Imogen Lillywhite (viola), Anna Lashko (violoncello)

I count the islands (and I sigh) – for viola and small orchestra (Stephanie Duarte (solo viola) Dubai Chamber Orchestra (directed by Jon Barrett))

String Quartet No 3 – performed by the Lorelei Quartet (Natalia Vaskinova, Jennie Lee-Foster, Francesca Knowles & Angharad Maxwell)

Two Pages, Two Minutes – solo violin (Niko Managazze)



Westron Wynde (2015)

At the moment, I am working on a piece for orchestra based on a 16th century song called Westron Wynde. This secular melody was used by a number of English composers as the basis for settings of the mass, most notably John Tavener, Christopher Tye and  John Sheppard. These composers use modified versions of the Westron Wynde tune as the basis for each of the movements of the mass.

In the extract uploaded here, I use the opening phrase of the tune as the basis for the music and to create the melodic arc and shape.

The orchestration is as follows: 3 clarinets, bass clarinet, organ, harp and strings

I would very much like to receive feedback on your thoughts about the music. Please use the comment box below to let me know what you think.